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Find the Perfect Gift in Austin: 4 Unique Stores to Explore


People who live in Austin appreciate what’s outside the box. This isn’t a place for “typical.” Even if you wanted ordinary, traditional gifts (though we know you don’t), you won’t find them in this fun and quirky ATX gift guide from Texan 26 student housing.

Where Can I Get the Most Unique Jewelry in Austin?

If you want locally-made, truly distinctive jewelry at an accessible price, look no further than Fail Jewelry on Cesar Chavez Street. Each piece was designed by artist Christine Fail, who has lived in Austin for over 20 years and truly understands this town’s unique vibe. Check out some of her most popular products, like the Visky Earrings and her metal sculpture art for the home.

Where Should I Go to Find Hip Gifts for My Girlfriend?

Take Heart in East Austin, blends western culture with Japanese design and tradition. Here, you’ll find unique, eastern-inspired incense, candles, and mugs, as well as self-care items like rose quartz gua sha tools, botanical body lotions, and magnolia oil. You can do all your shopping through their website and enjoy the safety and convenience of their curbside pickup.

How About Eco-Friendly Gifts?

East Austin Succulents is a local favorite, featuring uber-trendy succulent plants and arrangements, all of which are astoundingly easy to care for, thanks to their ability to flourish without frequent watering. Beware, though – you might just end up falling in love with one of their giant Texas cacti, which would make a pretty awesome and quirky gift.

Where Can I Get the Most Quintessential Austin Shopping Experience?

Atown, on Burnet Road, prides itself on curating typically funky, Austin-inspired items made and designed by locals. They are all about keeping Austin weird. You’ll find something for everyone on your list here from “I voted for Willie” t-shirts to a Schitt’s Creek coloring book. You can even pick up a pack of Austin playing cards for any pals who love to hang with you in the Texan 26 courtyard while enjoying an evening by the fire pit.

Now that you’ve got your shopping done, head back to the comfort of your loft-style apartment home at Texan 26, enjoy a hot chocolate on your private balcony, and give yourself a high five for your flawless Austin style.


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